Monday, June 15, 2015

White Collar - The Complete Sixth Season

After six years on the air White Collar comes to an end with this shortened final season consisting of only six episodes centering around Neal's (Matt Bomer) final case for the FBI helping to take down a secret organization of elite criminals known as the Pink Panthers. Complicating Neal's mission is the reappearance of Keller (Ross McCall) also working his way into the Panthers (and also secretly working for a government agency) and Neal's own complicated plan to leave the FBI on his terms.

Highlights include the season premiere in which Peter (Tim DeKay) tracks down the kidnapped Neal, Neal is forced by the Panthers to destroy an innocent young woman (Laura Ramsey), and Peter joins the final con to help take the Panthers down. White Collar's wrap and Covert Affairs cancellation conclude a slew of enjoyable USA Network shows leaving the network a mostly barren landscape. It will be missed.

The two-disc set includes all 6 episodes, a retrospective of the show, deleted scenes, a gag reel, and a pair of audio commentaries for the series finale.

[20th Century Fox, $19.98]

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