Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Community - Laws of Robotics and Party Rights

When a local prison offers $300,000 to allow convicts to attend classes via telerobots Jeff (Joel McHale) champions the idea at least until one of his new students attempts to use his iPad on a stick robot to murder the teacher while charming the rest of the class and even Dean Pelton (Jim Rash). "Laws of Robotics and Party Rights" follows the basic formula of several classic Community episodes with Jeff learning a lesson and admitting an appreciation for his friends and the school that leads to him getting his way (after a ridiculous fight between the telerobots with the rest of the school cheering on). The telerobots also allow for a humorous final scene involving Abed (Danny Pudi) taking control of them for his own purposes.

In the episode's B-story Britta's (Gillian Jacobs) need to throw a party runs into Annie's (Alison Brie) rules against parties leading to friction between the two new roommates. Britta even goes so far as to enlist the help of Abed by making her party into a film idea which she'll need Annie's help to fix when her genius plan goes horribly wrong. Even without the appearance of the missing original cast members "Laws of Robotics and Party Rights" has the tone of an older episode of the series that, if a bit formulaic, is still very enjoyable.

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