Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Clipped - Dreamers

The subject of how long is too long to hold on to your dreams in the theme of Clipped's second episode as Danni (Ashley Tisdale) and A.J. (Mike Castle) offer each other conflicting advice when Danni decides to give up on her dream of being a singer and A.J. is offered another minor league baseball tryout. Although A.J.'s words make Danni reconsider her decision she doesn't realize how her negative influence upsets her friend who decides to throw in the towel on his lifelong dreams thanks to her advice. The episode also allows for Tisdale to show off her singing voice (in an odd song choice for an open mic night) while writing that talent into her character's backstory.

In only the second episode of the series there are already aspects of Clipped that are beginning to wear on me. The neighbor sisters continue to be walking punchlines (and weak ones at that), and although there's a nice message in Ben's (Ryan Pinkston) subplot of hiring his cousin to prove he can be charitable the show continues to go out of its way to make the character more unlikable than necessary. Two episodes in it also seems that Danni and A.J. are likely going to dominate most, if not all, of the show's A-storyline leaving the rest of the cast mostly scraps as they go through the motions and recycle the same humor from the show's "Pilot."

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