Friday, June 26, 2015

Community - Basic Email Security

Taking questionable action in the name of an equally questionable cause the Save Greendale Committee refuses to bow to pressure to remove a controversial comic from performing at the school under the threat that their email will be released to the entire student body if they fail to comply. The thin plot allows for the show's remaining core group to learn just how their friends truly see them as the inevitable flare up explodes.

Once admitting to and acknowledging some hurtful and shameful emails the committee is then forced to fight off the entire school when it is threatened with the same fate if they can't stop the comic from performing. Buried deep in the insanity there's a message about free speech and not bowing to pressure but "Basic Email Security" provides most of its memorable moments by having the main cast go at one another and seeing yet another example of the Greendale student body overreact to a situation that's far less dire than they believe.

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