Sunday, June 14, 2015

Beauty and the Beast - The Beast of Wall Street

I gave up on The CW's misguided Beauty and the Beast remake early in the show's First Season. I simply was unable to buy into the idea of Kristin Kreuk as a New York cop or accept a version of Vincent (Jay Ryan) who is closer to a male model than anything resembling a beast. Checking in on the show's Third Season premiere not much has changed.

After a couple of seasons of romantic ups and downs Catherine (Kreuk) and Vincent seem to have found happiness (at least at the beginning and end of the episode while not fighting over Catherine working with Federal Agents and not telling her Doctor McDreamy Boy Toy in-between). It seems someone has continued the experiments that turned Vincent into a "beast" and the latest version of the program is a super-fast and super-strong nutjob (Maxime Savaria) on a killing spree in New York City.

The two squabble, fight evil together, survive, and get back to that proposal that was put on hold during their latest romantic squabble as their relationship issues are resolved in a tidy 50-minute window. The same can't be said for Vincent's pal J.T. (Austin Basis) who has physical impairments and PTSD from a vicious attack that nearly killed him and a "supportive" girlfriend (Nina Lisandrello) who needs him to "get over it." Ain't love grand? Searching for summer programming wherever I can find it, I was hoping Beauty and the Beast may have gone through some growing pains and become at least watchable (good, based on its set-up, was never really a possibility). I guess I keep looking.

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