Monday, June 29, 2015

Olympus - Door to Olympus

With The Mercenary (Tom York) having completed all three of the sacrifices required of him, Medea (Sonita Henry) makes a sacrifice of her own giving her body and soul over to Circe in exchange for the witch leading the small band to the door of Olympus. Along the way the group will be set on by Furies and Hermes (Michael Daingerfield) before eventually leading back to where the journey began at the temple of the Oracle (Sonya Cassidy) who is far less sure of helping The Mercenary fulfill his destiny than when they first started their adventure.

The version of the Mercenary shown here is far different than the man the Oracle first met. With her vision finally revealed that he, and not his father, will be responsible for the death of their world the Oracle's reticence to help him complete his journey is certainly understandable (even without getting into the jealousy caused by him bedding whatever female is close by in the Oracle's absence). With Olympus revealed not to be a place but simply accelerated time I'm curious to see how the show will choose to show us the Gods and wonder if we'll still get to see the show's version of Mount Olympus.

Although the fallout is forcing Henry into pale make-up and a ridiculous wig, the sequence involving Medea's sacrifice is one of the better visuals of the entire series. It also finishes an arc of her character from power-hungry queen to grieving mother having lost all that she sought to protect. After teasing us with the Gods for an entire season I'm ready for the Mercenary's journey to lead somewhere definitive. I'm not sure what real answers he may find but I'm guessing the finale will still offer its share of action along with Daedalus (Matt Frewer) perhaps making an unexpected use of the Ring of the Magi.

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