Wednesday, June 17, 2015

House of Cards - Chapter 28

Both of the Underwoods go into damage control mode in "Chapter 28." Following her nomination, Claire's (Robin Wright) road to being nominated as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations begins with a poorly-worded response to questioning that creates a sound byte that all but kills her chances to be confirmed before she's even begun. Frank (Kevin Spacey) is hit with his own bad news when the Democratic leadership informs him that they would prefer he not run for election in 2016 and if he chooses to do so he will do it without their support.

Although shocked by the situations they find themselves in neither looses hope, even after it becomes obvious that Claire can't raise enough votes to be confirmed and Frank is equally unable to raise enough private money to campaign on his own. As has been the case throughout the series, the pair think outside the box to get what they want. Frank appoints his regardless of the vote, beginning Claire's own subplot which will create new friction within the Underwood household, and while demurely agreeing to step aside if the Democratic Leadership puts their full support behind America First Frank secretly begins plotting on how he can steal the nomination back and stay in power past his remaining 18 months in office.

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