Friday, December 23, 2016

Daredevil #14

Well, it looks like Daredevil is going to have something new to feel guilty about (like he needed something else to brood about). This new volume of Daredevil continues to lead the Man Without Fear down an increasingly hopeless path.

"Dark Art" concludes with Daredevil's protege in the clutches of the mad artist Muse whose real life art consists of the blood and corpses of his victims. This arc has been brutal and horrific at times and the final issue is no different. Stretching his senses to the limit Daredevil will be able to locate Muse and Blindspot, and save hundreds of intended victims, but not without a cost.

Daredevil and Blindspot may have won the battle against Muse, but the super-villains actions of blinding Blindspot seem to have given Muse the ultimate victory. We'll see if Inhuman science can do anything for the would-be super-hero, but for now Matt Murdock is left with a hollow victory which feels like failure. Then of course there will be the repercussions of all his super-heroing. Will his work at the District Attorney's office be the next thing to implode? For fans.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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