Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Longmire - The Judas Wolf

There's a hell of a lot happening in "The Judas Wolf" which pushes Walt's (Robert Taylor) impending legal troubles to the back-burner for now, although the sheriff does get a lawyer and decide to fight the civil suit rather than settle. There's the odd disappearance of a drug company CEO (David Burke) whose assistant is duct-taped to tree. While evidence points initially to wildlife conservationists who hated the man's actions to wolves - including a local (Debra Christofferson) who cares more for wolves than people, in truth there is no scarcity of suspects including the his assistant (who is also sleeping with the CEO's wife) and a woman screwed over by his company's drug trials. However, after the CEO shows up in his own bed with his kidney forcibly removed, the case takes another unusual turn.

The death of a friend to drug use inspires Henry (Lou Diamond Phillips) to try and adopt the orphaned teenage son (Jovani Heng). However, fate has other plans. Rather than put Henry on a path to fatherhood, "The Judas Wolf" proves to be a turning point in his role as Hector. When the young boy commits suicide, the only avenue left to Henry is revenge against the local drug dealer whose actions destroyed two lives. It seems Hector still lives.

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