Monday, December 19, 2016

The Librarians and the Tears of a Clown

Jenkins (John Larroquette) gets into the field when all of the Librarians go missing while looking into a strange carnival. What he finds is the disturbing site of each member of the time mesmerized and transformed into new attractions for the traveling carnival. Getting the group back to the Annex, Jenkins gets the Librarians and their Guardian restored to their normal selves and helps them remember what happened to them.

"And the Tears of a Clown" is an important episode in that in introduces the possibility that with magic now returned to the world new artifacts, dangerous and unknown, can be created. One such artifact turns out to be in the possession of the carnival's magician (Sean Astin) who has gone to an extreme amount of effort to recreate a specific moment and win the heart of his high school crush (Felicia Day). Far more scared and creeped out by his actions (women, just can't please 'em), Charlotte helps separate the magician from the artifact and end his bizarre fantasy. Oh, and the episode also has evil clown minions. How can you go wrong with evil clown minions?

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