Monday, December 5, 2016

The Librarians and the Reunion of Evil

What was supposed to be a simple artifact retrieval turns into anything but for Stone (Christian Kane) and Cassandra (Lindy Booth) who, after retrieving the crystal, are forced to take shelter from a storm in a lodge full of Norse Frost Giants whose hatred of humans is only slightly less potent than their desire to feed from the crystal's power. Meanwhile, back in the Library, Ezekiel (John Kim) proves Eve's (Rebecca Romijn) trust in him correct, both by protecting the egg of the Lochness Monster and in providing valuable intelligence for their missing Librarians (all while appearing to be doing nothing but slacking off as usual).

Directed by Noah Wyle (who doesn't make an appearance in front of the camera), "And the Reunion of Evil" proves to be a thoroughly enjoyable episode with both a strong main story and subplot for those characters left behind. We get the absurdity of Stone and Cassandra attempting to blend into the Frost Giant reunion matched by the equally absurd moments of Ezekiel lugging around a giant egg (after almost accidentally frying it). In terms of the season's larger themes, the argument over magic comes between the two Librarians more than once as it does allow Cassandra to get the crystal and make their escape but it's also responsible for all the trouble the pair get into in-between. Magic is chaos in a world where the Librarians are tasked with keeping order. Will Casandra's continued reliance, and defense, of it lead her down a dark path or ultimately save the team?

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mentdijinn said...

Totally loving #TheLibrarians Season 3 getting better and better! love Christian Kane as Jake stone and that he is getting to spread his acting wings in another direction..comedy!