Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Elementary - It Serves You Right to Suffer

The season's ongoing B-story involving Watson's (Lucy Liu) relationship to Shinwell (Nelsan Ellis) comes to a head when he becomes involved in the shooting of a member from a rival gang. Believing his innocence, Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson have only three days to find the person responsible for the crime, explain Shinwell's involvement, and prevent the man from going back to prison. The investigation leads back to a FBI agent (Dorian Missick) who both Shinwell and the victim were working for as off-the-book informants.

The time crunch Holmes and Watson have to find the truth gives the story some urgency. It doesn't take them long to uncover the truth, but being able to prove it is another matter entirely. Given the amount of set-up for Shinwell's character over the first-half of the season I'm not sure "It Serves You Right to Suffer" offers a big enough payoff (unless Holmes actions to close the episode come back to bite him sometime later this season). As for Shinwell, I'll be curious to see if this wraps up his arc or if the ex-con pops-up again from time to time.

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