Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Scorpion - Wreck the Halls

Scorpion celebrates Christmas with some wilderness misadventures when an attempt to get the team together outside the city for an electronics-free holiday is hijacked by a group of gunrunners and their intended victim who they had planned to bury in the woods not far from Team Scorpion's retreat. Using whatever is at hand, the group works to subdue the criminals Home Alone-style and rescue Ralph (Riley B. Smith) who is taken hostage.

In terms of larget themes "Wreck the Halls" is noticeable for Tim (Scott Porter) off the show when it becomes clear to everyone he can't coexist while working for Walter (Elyes Gabel). While not solving the unorthodox love triangle which has gotten way too much attention this season, at least this should lessen its impact over the next few episodes. The episode also gives us Happy (Jadyn Wong) in an elf costume, a car chase through the mountains, and Ralph getting an unexpected Christmas present.

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