Saturday, December 31, 2016


Denial is an intriguing film that, even if it never quite becomes as compelling as it should be, is still highly watchable. Rachel Weisz stars as Holocaust historian and author Deborah Lipstadt who is harassed and sued by Holocaust denier Richard Rampton (Tom Wilkinson) for her comments hurting his reputation. Both the subject matter (and its ramifications) and the venue (Rampton chooses to sue her in a British court where the burden of proof falls on our author rather than the denier), separate it a bit from the pack of recent legal dramas.

Concerned with protecting the truth and exposing a dangerous man whose lies, if allowed to spread, may obscure the ugly truth of history from the future, Lipstadt chooses to fight rather than settle the case realizing by doing so she gives her enemy a pulpit to preach from but also hoping to destroy the man's credibility once and for all. Available in DVD and Blu-ray, extras include a single behind-the-scenes featurette and the film's trailer.

[Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Blu-ray $29.98 / DVD $22.98]

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