Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Librarians and the Trial of the Triangle

Did I miss an episode? When did Flynn (Noah Wyle) become such an ass? And when did he get on the nerves of everyone else to the extent they needed to form an intervention? Once again, Flynn has come and go as he's want to do over the course of a season, but I was surprised for the sudden need of an intervention from his peers to kick off the latest episode of The Librarians when the biggest negative impact he's really had is not being around.

For the premise of the episode to work, Flynn has to be at odds with the other Librarians. This feels a bit forced in the opening scene, but the conclusion seems to suggest Wyle will be around for the remainder of the season (although perhaps not beyond). After taking stock, and ignoring, the complaints of this peers, Flynn and the Librarians search for the Eye of Ra which may be the only artifact powerful enough to stop the evil that is looming. This takes the group to a passenger jet heading deep into the Bermuda Triangle, and Flynn on a personal journey to come to terms with himself and his role in the upcoming battle.

The plane antics are amusing, although the terminal fight between Flynn and Eve (Rebecca Romijn) as a distraction for the rest of the team didn't quite work for me (even if does eventually pay off). The scenes inside the Triangle are more intriguing, if a bit rushed. Once again the team has to deal with the interference of a government agent (and deal with him in a way that won't win the group any favors). As for Flynn, the tests he passes to earn the Eye of Ra seem rather simplistic, but do fit perfectly with the theme of the episode.

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