Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Moon Knight #9

Face-to-face with all three of his separate personalities, Marc Spector confronts each of them in hopes of regaining his sanity and taking full control of his life once more. While some go quietly, such as the strange futuristic version of himself obsessed with werewolves, others are less willing to simply fade from existence. All the battles in this issue occur internally in the odd Egyptianized landscape of New York (which is still unclear as to how much of this is real and in Marc's imagination).

"Incarnations" concludes here with a Moon Knight on firmer ground than we've seen him in this series. Finally in control of his own mind, our hero can look to external threats such as Khonshu.

Moon Knight may not exactly be sane by the end of this second arc, but at least he seems in full control of his faculties and only concerned with a single reality (rather than the multiple he's been jumping through since the series began). Even if he does now seem to have all his marbles, I'm not exactly sure what Marc can do against a god. I guess we're going to see. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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