Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Action Comics #1003

It isn't every comic you get to see Batman mug a woman in an alley and joke around with Superman about it. Without delving more into why she needs it, Action Comics #1003 features Robinson Goode acquiring some black market Kryptonite. Whether or not she meant to carry the unshielded meteorite fragment into the Daily Planet, it certainly has an effect on Clark Kent.

Which, of course, is how we come to find Batman mugging the woman and relieving her of the rare and expensive trinket. It also leads Goode back to her supplier who gets taken down by the ominous Red Cloud. Although the Man of Steel arrives too late to see it in action, he may have just found his first clue as to what is happening in the Metropolis underworld.

The issue is worth picking up for the Batman and Superman angle (including Bruce's joke about what he plans to do with the Kryptonite). Also of interest, though, is the late reveal of Lois Lane being tracked down by an old "friend." Worth a look.

[DC, $3.99]

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