Thursday, October 18, 2018

FBI - Crossfire

Snipers make for good television. Killing from a distance, with an ability to flee the scene before they can be apprehended, they present a different kind of challenge for local and federal law enforcement (or their TV equivalent). In the latest episode of FBI, Agents Maggie Bell (Missy Peregrym) and OA (Zeeko Zaki) track a sniper who will kill multiple targets at two different locations. While the victims appear unconnected, the settings are not which eventually leads the FBI to identifying the shooter (Michael C. Williams) and a young man (Tim Johnson Jr.) working with him. Over the course of the episode we see Maggie's boss (Sela Ward) support and push Bell to make the tough calls (while both testing and grooming the younger agent for a larger role withing the FBI in the years to come).

As we've seen in the previous episodes, "Crossfire" finds a way to make the case personal to both Bell (connecting to the shooter's personal loss to her own) and OA (connecting to the young man taken in under the shooter's protection). Thankfully it is handled a little more subtly than in the show's "Pilot" episode. We also get more of Chazal (Ebonee Noel) and Jubal (Jeremy Sisto) helping from the bullpen (although no undercover role for Jubal this time around). While it lacks the intensity that helped sell the previous week's episode, FBI continues to carve out a niche as a solid weekly procedural.

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