Wednesday, October 17, 2018

NCIS - Third Wheel

When a man on the run parachutes into the woods from an airplane wheel well, "Third Wheel" gives us the unlikely trio of Gibbs (Mark Harmon), Fornell (Joe Spano), and Brooks (Don Lake) hunting down a fugitive who had the bad fortune, like the two uninvited house guests, to interrupt Gibbs' vacation by making his getaway just a couple of miles from his cabin. Using any excuse to get away from the bikering duo, Gibbs sets out on his own to catch the suspect (with the pair tagging along), not realizing he's looking for two criminals. Even with the pair of jealous friends in tow, Gibbs manages to hunt down his prey.

The grumpy old men in the woods angle offers some fun moments and works better than the scenes back in the office where McGee (Sean Murray) toughens up, with mixed success, and Sloane (Maria Bello) is surprised by the arrival of old friend and rival FBI Special Agent Isabel Monet (Kate Orsini). "Third Wheel" initially plays up both the rivalry between the two and the fact that Isabel isn't being completely truthful about the case, but both plot threads fizzle out rather quickly without any payoff.

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