Sunday, October 28, 2018

Vampirella 2018 Halloween Special

Dynamite Entertainment's Vampirella 2018 Halloween Special includes a pair of Halloween-themed tales of Vampirella. "Happy Death Day, Vampirella!" involves Lilith and Lord Chaos leading a group out of Hell into Salem. Why it may ruin one friend's birthday, Vampirella is on the scene to do so massive demon bashing (and even gets some late help by others hoping to redeem themselves).

"Trick or Treat?" is a more lighthearted affair with Vampirella going on the warpath after some local kids tp her house for not going all-out on Halloween. When the kids get themselves in a nasty situation, Vampirella finds a suitable target for her aggression (and teaches the kids a lesson).

Specials and Annuals are rarely great, or must-have, issues, but the Vampirella 2018 Halloween Special provides some fun that fans should enjoy. I actually preferred the second tale, co-written by Blake Northcott, and wish it could have stolen a few extra pages from the longer opening tale which begins to drag a bit. For fans.

[Dynamite Entertainment, $4.99]

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