Saturday, October 27, 2018

Daredevil - Please / No Good Deed

The second and third episodes of Daredevil's Third Season focus on Wilson Fisk (Vincent D'Onofrio) striking a deal with the FBI and Matt Murdock's (Charlie Cox) continuing struggle as he slowly recovers more and more of his gifts. In a poetic choice (or cliched, depending on your point of view), Murdock's hearing returns at the exact moment for him to learn that Fisk is free once more. Stalking his prey, and even taking out a half-dozen members of the FBI protecting the Kingpin, Daredevil begins hallucinate a version of Fisk speaking directly to him, egging him on to bring the fight and fury back to his enemy. Even with his hearing know fully restored, it doesn't look like the tortured soul angle is going to fade away any time soon. The two episodes are also noticeable for introducing an important supporting character in FBI Agent Benjamin Poindexter (Wilson Bethel) who comic fans will know by another name.

News of Fisk's release hits home for Karen (Deborah Ann Woll) and Foggy (Elden Henson) who both begin to look ways to fight back. For Karen, barred from reporting on Fisk directly because of her personal history, that means examining the periphery where she discovers a connection between Fisk and the luxury hotel in which he is staying (possibly a glimmer into the Kingpin's larger game?). "No Good Deed" also delivers a reunion between Matt and Foggy as the man from the grave warns his friend to leave Fisk to Daredevil, steals Foggy's wallet, and leaves his half-drunk former business partner reeling. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't take odds on either Foggy or Karen giving up and moving on anytime soon. The question is, how long before Karen learns the Devil of Hell's Kitchen is back on the streets?

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