Monday, October 8, 2018

Hawaii Five-0 - Ke Kanaka I Ha'ule Mai Ka Lewa Mai

When an undercover CIA agent (David Preston) is abducted on-board an incoming flight to Honolulu (in an elaborate attack that looks good on camera but makes almost no sense as opposed to grabbing the man on the ground), Danny (Scott Caan) leads Five-0 into the jungle where they encounter Chinese agents. The attempted kidnapping ties back to Greer (Rochelle Aytes) and the death of Miller (Jack Coleman). While completely out of character for McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) to give up the chance to hunt in the jungle, putting Danny in his place as a mentor to the younger members of the team freshens up the jungle chase the show has used several times over the years. Five-0 is successful in capturing both Greer and recovering the wounded agent, although Greer believes her knowledge of McGarret and their missions together can still cause problems for Five-0's commander.

As expected, the show also continues to slow play the subplot involving the possible involvement of Adam Noshimuri (Ian Anthony Dale) in a murder. Tani's (Meaghan Rath) search for answers leads her to Captain Keo (Eric Steinberg), the officer responsible for washing her out of the Police Academy, who initially refuses to help but has second thoughts (thus increasing the circle of those who know about the gun and involving someone outside of Five-0 into an investigation that will likely, at some point, implicate Adam and cause trouble for the team).

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