Thursday, March 28, 2019

FBI - Apex

The focus of the latest episode of FBI is split as Maggie (Missy Peregrym) and OA (Zeeko Zaki) hunt for a serial killer who has drugged, raped, and murdered ten women. While half of the episode focuses on the investigation, the other half centers around the Deputy Mayor of New York (Sandrine Holt) getting in the FBI's way in order to manufacture another obstacle for the Maggie and company to overcome. Under the premise of not wanting to hurt the city's tourist economy, coming off like the Mayor in Jaws who thought it was great for vacationers to swim with a killer shark, the unseen Mayor makes (some pretty outrageous) demands of the team that nearly allow the killer to claim another victim.

While the Deputy Mayor is able to put pressure on Dana (Sela Ward) to get what he wants, it seems odd that no one ever considers how that pendulum swings both ways and that if news leaked the the Mayor of New York prevented the FBI from capturing a known serial killer which in turn led to more victims it would certainly have an adverse effect to his re-election. Since so much of the episode is geared to the politics, what we see of the investigation centers mostly around the how's of the case (how he finds his victims, etc.) while limiting the man's motives to a single scene concerning his ex-wife (Emma Thorne) who provides DNA proof linking her ex to the murders (which, of course, is somehow still isn't enough for the Mayor leading to a manufactured hero moment for both Maggie and Dana standing up to "the man" and taking down the killer on their terms). But, hey, at least our leads get to enjoy a night at an underground sex club, right?

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