Thursday, March 14, 2019

Green Lantern #5

Green Lantern #5 finds Hal Jordan working undercover for the Guardians of the Universe to infiltrate the Darkstars in hopes of uncovering the traitor within the Green Lantern Corps. We catch-up to Hal already playing his role as a disatisfied Lantern and a potential initiate for the Darkstars on the planet Vorr. Thrown out on his own into the wastes of Vorr, known as the vampire planet, Jordan is forced to prove his worth by surviving the hostile environment where everything wants him dead.

I haven't been the biggest fan of the Darkstars (who have basically assumed the role of the Sinestro Corps as the evil army to be defeated), but writer Grant Morrison provides an interesting way to use them here. Given that rogue Hal Jordan stories are far from new, there's plenty of history to help support the idea of Hal Jordan breaking from the Corps. That said, I don't really want to see Jordan in the role of a Darkstar, nor go far enough to keep his cover intact (which apparently will begin with killing an old friend?). For fans.

[DC, $3.99]

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