Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Flash - Time Bomb

Team Flash may have defeated one Cicada (Chris Klein), but a new one has arrived from the future to continue her uncle's work. "Time Bomb" reveals the new meta-human killer to be Grace Gibbons (Sarah Carter) who has a lifetime of hatred boiling inside her, and her first target is the meta-human (Catherine Lough Haggquist) responsible for her parents' death. I've always like Carter, and her casting helps lessen the disappointing blow that the Cicada storyline is going to continue further into the season after it had apparently finally reached a merciful end. However, the episode's subplot involving Sherloque Wells' (Tom Cavanagh) unraveling Nora's (Jessica Parker Kennedy) secret thankfully looks to take precedence for at least the short term.

While the story behind how Nora hooked up with the Reverse-Flash has yet to be told (looks like more answers coming next week), Sherloque's investigation does reveal a piece of Thawne's plan in attempting to alter the timeline yet keep his memory of both the original and changed events. Barry's (Grant Gustin) reaction of literally sending Nora to her room (by imprisoning her in the pipeline) is predictable but doesn't solve the lingering issues or fill in the reasoning behind her partnership with Thawne (though Sherloque's translated journal should offer a good starting point). I'll be far more interested to see what answers this plotline reveals, and what actions those answers cause Barry and company to take, than more of the magic-dagger wielding killer.

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