Saturday, March 2, 2019

The Good Cop - Who is the Ugly German Lady?

When a friend of Tony Sr. (Tony Danza) breaks out of prison and attacks a couple, injuring the husband (David Furr) and killing the wife (Hannah Tinker), and then shows up for sanctuary, Senior is put in a bind. Dressing Sherman (John Carroll Lynch) up as a woman, Senior attempts to hide him from Tony Jr. (Josh Groban), who is investigating the case, while doing a little investigating of his own and discovering he believes Sherman isn't responsible for the murder. Lynch proves to be a good guest-star despite some questionable writing. "Who is the Ugly German Lady?" is a goofy episode that takes Junior far too long to see through Sherman's questionable disguise (especially after they share a meal together). The framing of the episode also leaves no doubt from the opening scene who the real killer is. In the end it will take Cora (Monica Barbaro) making the obvious connection to save all three men's lives from the husband who has spent more than a year planning out the perfect murder and isn't willing to let anything jeopardize his plans.

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