Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Batman #77

Batman #77 is most notable for the death of a major supporting character (at best a questionable choice, at worst potentially damaging the core of the Bat-Family). However, much of the issue focuses on Damian and his attempt to enter Gotham City (despite warnings from Bane and his minions about what will occur should any member of the Bat-Family enter the city limits).

After making short work of Gotham Girl, Damian squares off against the city's new Batman. I'm not sure if I buy Damian's defeat against the elderly Batman from a parallel world (can't stop a senior citizen, Damian?), but the back-and-forth between them works fairly well prior to Robin's defeat.

During the series of events the comic offers us glimpses of Bruce and Selina who appear finally ready to return to Gotham and take on Bane. They still have time to save Damian, but not poor Alfred (whose tasteless death is celebrated a bit too much in full-page glory). Despite its questionable elements, still worth a look.

[DC, $3.99]

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