Thursday, August 15, 2019

Legion - Chapter 27

Legion comes to a close with a final episode that features Kerry (Amber Midthunder) fighting time demons, Switch (Lauren Tsai) evolving into something more, David's (Dan Stevens) squaring off against the younger version of Farouk (Navid Negahban), Charles Xavier (Harry Lloyd) coming to an understanding with the older Farouk, and David being granted his most fervent wish for a second chance. More linear than many episodes of the series, "Chapter 27"'s low-key tone feels a bit underwhelming as the show's finale. That said, it wraps up the existing plot points and offers a much happier ending than any of these characters had a right to expect. Subverting expectations by making the final confrontation with the Shadow King ultimately non-confrontational allows David to grow further (although I don't know if I accept the growth necessary in either version of Farouk to make this ending possible). Still, for what it was, Legion offered a host of memorable moments over its three seasons which ends (not unexpectedly) with a song.

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