Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Silver Surfer: Black #3

Still lost at the other end of a void, separated from his proper place in space and time, Norrin Radd will make a new friend and a dangerous discovery in Silver Surfer: Black #3 that will tie back to his past and the universe's future.

The third issue of the mini-series allows the Silver Surfer to take his respite, as the continued use of his powers has led to trouble for our hero, and get to know a little more about Ego (who has its own trouble in a meteor that crashed deep within the living planet's core). Providing assistance to Ego, in return for the help the planet has given him, will lead to a dangerous discovery deep at the planet's core where Norrin Radd will discover the incubator of Galactus (the creature who has ravaged the universe for eons and is also resposinble for Radd's transformation into the first Herald).

Over the first three issues the comic has alluded to the Surfer being haunted by his past which fate has now opened up before him in delivering the unborn Galactus and suggesting that Norrin Radd may be as much responsible for Galactus' birth as Galactus for creating the Silver Surfer. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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