Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Lucifer - Expire Erect

Looking for closure, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) decides on one final case with Chloe (Lauren German) involving the death of a collector of classic cars. Chloe, who has only recently begun to come around to the truth about her partner, meets Eve (Inbar Lavi) for the first time and discovers there is another woman who has known about Lucifer who she can discuss the Devil with (and who has been impregnated by an angel and just gotten an unexpected roommate).

An odd series events leads to Lucifer being shot inside Lux and both Eve and Ella (Aimee Garcia) getting high (in a friendship I didn't see coming but seems to fit perfectly with where both characters are at this season). There's also a nice twist to the murder that almost leads to the destruction of Lux and all of Lucifer's friends. At the end of one wacky night, the Devil and the detective decide to continue their partnership and Lucifer's latest near-death experience also has him embracing the role of Eve's boyfriend (but what will her discovery of Chloe's affect on him mean for their relationship going forward).

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