Monday, August 19, 2019

Killjoys - A Bout, A Girl

It's hard to tell whether our heroes are in better or worse shape after the events of "A Bout, A Girl." The arrival of Qreshi onboard the space prison for a prisoner super-brawl known as Bellaxion gives Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) a plan of escape. Joining the contest with Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) working behind the scenes to hack the security chips within all the prisoners gives the team a change. However, to make the plan work they'll need the help of their new pal Sparlow (Alain Goulem) which turns out to be a very bad idea. Along with a montage of Dutch kicking some serious ass, the episode also features a tender moment where she breaks down to D'avin (Luke Macfarlane) about the fracture of her relationship with Johnny who, as Khlyen (Rob Stewart) so eloquently pointed out, is her true North.

After the betrayal, the Killjoys find themselves stick stuck on a prison ship with now only a handful of prisoners to deal with (although they have all the guns and outnumber our heroes). As for Khlyen, he spends most of the time stalling for time while going through the motions to help the Lady find the Rebellion rising up on Westerly. It's the other B-story, however, which is likely to have the largest impact on the remainder of the season. Beginning and ending the episode, we see Kendry (Mayko Nguyen) and Jaq (Jaeden Noel) searching for another of those mysterious cubes, but completely unprepared for what they find inside.

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