Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Elementary - Reichenbach Falls

The penultimate episode of Elementary brings a close to the season-long arc involving billionaire vigilante Odin Reichenbach (James Frain). The deaths of Morland Holmes (John Noble), the professional criminals he used to commit the crime, and the detectives' star witness against Reichenbach leave Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson (Lucy Liu) back at square one with no new plan on how to pick-up the fight. Holmes struggles with an outside-the-box solution for their foe, which, given his past, leads Watson to suspect her partner of taking the law into his own hands.

Although it feels like a bit of a cheat, by having our hero bested but not beaten by the series' final villain, Holmes' actual plan proves to be quite successful while allowing for a famous fall from a great height into the water (just as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle originally killed off his most famous character) and offering the evidence needed to take Reichenbach down. It also allows the show to play on another famous Holmes story in the finale which will no doubt allow for a look back at the show's seven seasons as Watson will discover her partner to be very much alive.

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