Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Usagi Yojimbo #3

Usagi Yojimbo #3 ends the comic's opening story as Miyamoto Usagi and Sasuké fight for their lives against the demonic puppets and discover that Takagi isn't the puppet master they believe, but just another puppet being played by the true force behind the scenes.

The action is fast and furious in the final issue of the story as Usagi and the demon hunter bring an end to the madness in the town. And, thanks to Sasuké's persuasiveness, the pair sidestep any uncomfortable stories about the impossibility of wooden puppets coming to life and draining life force for their master. And it's a good thing, because I don't know how exactly the pair would have explained the number of bodies littered across town being mauled by now completely inert wooden puppets.

Moving away from demon puppets, the next issue looks to take the rabbit ronin back to the role of bodyguard. Although, in Usagi's travels, when has any job or part of a journey gone as expected? Worth a look.

[IDW, $3.99]


NUEXGUY said...

Awesome! I enjoyed this book quite a bit! It was a great wrap up to the first arc!

Cap'n Carrot said...

This was a good arc to start off the new series.