Thursday, August 15, 2019

Wonder Woman #76

Wonder Woman #76 is a transitional issue bridging the gap between the previous arc and teasing what is to come as the comic gets wrapped up in DC's current Year of the Villain event. While I'm not all that interested in Cheetah going all god killer over the next few issues, this issue works impressively as a standalone issue (even if you, like me, haven't been paying close attention to the comic recently).

A solid issue all around, there's enough here for both longtime and casual fans including some strong art by Lee Garbett and some nice character moments between Diana and both friends and enemies.

Beginning in Themyscira, we are given a chance to see Diana with her mother as well as her return to man's world given the repaired gateway between the two realms following the defeat of Ares. There's also a reunion with Steve Trevor (who is far happier to see Diana than the guest she brought with her), and (keeping with the theme of mothers and daughter which opens the issues) Diana putting aside animosity in order to reunite Isadore Cole with her mother Veronica. Worth a look.

[DC, $3.99]

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