Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Black Widow #6

With the first arc concluded and the fake life both revealed and taken from her, Black Widow looks to move on with Yelena Belova. Her chance encounter with a pickpocket in trouble named Marigold draws Nat's attention to an organization known as the Apogee whose henchmen she beats up through several panels in some beautiful art by Rafael de Latorre.

While Nat ignores the suggestion from the White Widow that the two should put together their own version of the Red Room, this (along with the introduction of Marigold and the recent loss of her family) suggests a possible new (and somewhat therapeutic) path for the heroine.

While the Apogee henchmen are monstrous and fearsome, none turn out to be all that memorable (although their combined threat does push Black Widow further than any individual fighter would). Now that she's save the girl, so to speak, what's next for the Black Widow and the odd collection of supporting characters she's putting together?

[Marvel, $3.99]

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