Monday, May 3, 2021

MacGyver - Abduction + Memory + Time + Fireworks + Dispersal

After five seasons, the rebooted MacGyver closes up shop. While predominately about the nanobots which the team discovered earlier this season, and which MacGyver (Lucas Till and Riley (Tristin Mays) were infected by, the episode begins with the disappearance of both characters who reappear a day later having been experimented on by a drug company and the U.S. Government hoping to turn the technology into a means of weaponized mind control. With various plot threads left dangling such as the fate of Desi (Levy Tran) and Mac's relationship (once again the show strongly hints there's far more than friendship between Mac and Riley), it's obvious the show wasn't meant to be a series finale. That said, the rushed wrap-up of the nanobots (who become infinitely more dangerous in this episode) works to end that hastily assembled final arc.

In terms of a finale, the episode doesn't offer much time for the show to look back at the history of the show other than a single scene sharing beers on Mac's deck in which a handful of characters and episodes are mentioned. The finale does bring in Riley's team of hackers to help work in the Phoenix, and, based on what they learn, cause the Foundation to sever ties from the United States Government who had planned to infect U.S. Military servicemen, politicians, and their families with the nanobots at public celebration. Team MacGyver ends its final mission with the promise of the group continuing their work without government oversight, although we won't get to see what that might have looked like.

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