Thursday, May 13, 2021

The Flash - Timeless

Barry's (Grant Gustin) plan to deal with the Forces creates a schism within Team Flash in "Timeless." Despite his own history which says attempting to change the past is a really, really, really bad idea, Barry becomes insistent on the idea of resetting time to prevent the Forces from being born. Iris (Candice Patton) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) are against the plan, but that isn't enough to prevent Barry from enlisting the help of the lasting remaining Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh). In an episode that cements family as the theme of the season, the show also lays the foundation for Cisco's exit as this has been confirmed to be Carlos Valdes final season on the show (on the heels of another character disappearing into prison for life).

Despite Barry's certainty, the show never falls back into Dickish Barry (which has been the cause for more than one of the show's problems in the past). His point of view makes a lot of sense, even if the others disagree with him (although when the moment comes he can't bring himself to prevent his "children" from ever existing). And Iris' failure to reach Psych (Ennis Esmer) certainly makes her reconsider her position. However, the pair come together to breathe new life (literally) into the plotline, though (as is nearly always the case) when The Flash attempts to make Iris a larger part of the story things can get awkward pretty quickly. For now, it does look like the season arc will be saving, not fighting, the Forces. Well, except for the one walking around in the skin of Barry's dead mother murdering them all.

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