Thursday, May 6, 2021

Prodigal Son - You Can Run...

The manhunt for the escaped Surgeon (Michael Sheen) begins. The show teases the possibility of capturing Martin in a single episode, returning the show to the status quo. Instead, we get a couple of twists as it seems the Surgeon didn't think of everything. Malcom (Tom Payne) discovers he is more conflicted about the hunt for his father than he expected, especially after discovering one of his old toys in his father's possessions and discovering Ainsley (Halston Sage) has been secretly communicating with their father in the weeks leading up to his escape. In the end, Malcom is able to profile his father well enough to deduce his escape plan and capture both the criminals he escaped with, but the Surgeon slipped through his fingers as it seems Martin's journey took a far different path than anyone expected.

The episode introduces April Hernandez Castillo as US Marshal Emily Ruiz who is first glad to have Malcolm's help, but grows concerned when he puts himself in mortal danger to find his father. Jessica (Bellamy Young) and Dr. Vivian Capshaw (Catherine Zeta-Jones) share a moment commiserating over being duped by the Surgeon, but the scene takes on a different meaning giving the final scene revealing the Martin is actually in the good doctor's trunk (and not of his own free will). It seems the Surgeon may have escaped the asylum only to land himself in more trouble with the woman he betrayed.

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