Thursday, May 6, 2021

Once and Future #18

Riding a dragon, Duncan, Rose, Bridgette, and the Shadow Secretary race to prevent the Holy Grail from falling into the hands of Merlin and Zombie Arthur. While successful, Nimue (or whatever she's referring to herself now) inserting herself back into the story to save her son has much larger implications that she could ever imagined.

While celebrating their victory, our heroes discover that the government has leaked the truth about magic and the hidden otherworld to the public. The knowledge not only puts the Grail back into Arthur's hands (giving him exactly what he's been after all this time) but also plunges the world into the hellscape our heroes just fought their way out of it. Yes, government bureaucrats have destroyed the world.

With Zombie Arthur more powerful than before and the world plunged into magic and madness, the stakes have never been higher. It seems our heroes' jobs aren't done just yet.

[BOOM! Studios, $3.99]

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