Monday, May 10, 2021

Star Wars: The Bad Batch - Cut and Run

The first normal-length episode of the series, "Cut and Run" sets up the template for what life on the run for Clone Force 99 (all voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) will look like. The team travels to Saleucami and introduces Omega (Michelle Ang) to former Clone Trooper Cut Lawquane (Dee Bradley Baker) and his family. It's a little unclear what help the Bad Batch hoped to get from the family as things shift almost immediately to the clones working to get the family off the planet which is now under Imperial control. The rest of the episode centers around the team forging passes to get the team off-world (rather than simply take them aboard their ship and drop them off anywhere in the galaxy, completely under the Empire's nose since they only discover the ship after the Bad Batch notify them as part of the convoluted plan).

It only takes a single episode for Hunter to consider leaving Omega behind seeing that Cut's family can offer a normal life the Bad Batch cannot. However, her knowledge about Kamino and the implants helps fill in some gaps for the troopers and she also proves herself useful in helping the planet get safely off-world. It appears Omega has found her home. Although Cut asks an important question to Hunter about why Omega was cloned, noting the Kaminos never clone without purpose, no one has yet asked the important question of who Omega was cloned from. I would guess that holds the answer to many questions about the young clone.

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