Tuesday, May 25, 2021


Despite it's raunchy title, Shithouse is more college dramedy than raunchy comedy. The film pairs up the lonely college freshman Alex (Cooper Raiff, who also wrote and directed) with his Resident Advisor Maggie (Dylan Gelula). A relationship of convenience, the question Shithouse asks is whether or not these two lonely souls could be more to each other than transitory companions.

The film gets its unfortunate title from the fraternity's nickname where the pair spend time at a party one night getting to know each other. That night, and the fallout from it, make up the majority of Shithouse's running time. Despite more than a few rough edges, Shithouse entertains by giving us two lonely people in desperate need of connection. Raiff and Gelula are both solid here, with the interesting twist of the female character taking on the more experienced masculine role from most of these types of tales. While very much a genre flick, Raiff has obviously put quite a bit of himself into Alex leading the small indie film to feel more honest than a heavily polished studio production.

[DVD 24.99 / Blu-ray 29.99]

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