Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Far Sector #12

Sojourner Mullein's mission at the far edge of space concludes in the series' final issue. The City Enduring is on fire, and with only a limited charge left in her ring the Green Lantern has to attempt to bring peace before the civilization destroys itself.

In the end, it's Sojourner's words which prove to be the most powerful weapon in her arsenal as she is able to convince the leader of the fleet to stop the orbital bombardment of their own people. The issue ends with an unexpected amount of epilogue, with the Green Lantern remaining in the city to watch it begin to heal and the civilization begin to rebuild. She is also able to find a moment of happiness with one of her new friends before moving on to her next adventure in the current Green Lantern title.

Far Sector offered the feel of old school sci-fi, mixed with mystery and comic action with an undercurrent of class warfare and racial injustice. It's a thoughtful and engaging story to see played out over a dozen issues. Both it, and it's creation of Sojourner Mullein, were a great success.

[DC, $3.99]

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