Monday, June 7, 2021

Young Hellboy: The Hidden Land #4

The four-issue mini-series comes to a close as Hellboy and Professor Bruttenholm's time on the hidden island ends but not before Scarlett Santiago fights for the fate of the world by battling the raised vampire Vesperra who the ancestors of the island's current inhabitants locked away centuries before.

The first of several planned mini-series involving adventures of a young Hellboy, the only limitations to the series are that it forces Hellboy to the sidelines when the action starts, leaving him mostly a bystander. Still, it's fun to see what the younger version of the character got up to and his reactions to each bizarre situation he and his father manage to stumble into.

With Scarlett Santiago firmly entrenched as the island's guardian, and Hellboy and the Professor's minds wiped of their entire adventure, I don't know that we'll get to see more of the pilot turned giant ape in the future, but the issue does allow her to go out on a high note saving the world from the vampire.
[Dark Horse, $3.99]

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