Thursday, June 10, 2021

The Hardy Boys - In Plain Sight

As Frank (Rohan Campbell) and Callie (Keana Lyn) take part in the unorthodox testing for Rosegrave Preparatory School, Joe (Alexander Elliot) and Biff (Riley O'Donnell) attempt to learn something from the piece of fabric left behind at the brick factory. Only the final test of the day is notable, both for earning the pair acceptance to the school and in what Joe stumbles upon in their search. Each of the Hardy Boys learns something important as Frank discovers a hidden door in his Gloria's (Linda Thorson) house during the testing with ties to the symbol his mother was investigating, and Joe discovers the fabric left behind likely came from the coat of a police officer. Frank also meets his mother's high school sweetheart who may be able to provide some information about when his mother's search began.

Still keeping the boys separate for the most part, the season continues to tease the eventual pairing of Callie and Frank, who work well together on the final task of making it out of the locked study to earn their acceptance to Rosegrave, and the equally fun pairing of Joe and Biff first searching for clues and later looking for a proper hiding place for the idol. The Tall Man's (Stephen R. Hart) escape from jail forces Joe to hide the artifact so many people, including his grandmother, are searching for. An unexpected amount of the episode follows Fenton (James Tupper) who stumbles upon some unscrupulous characters while searching for the missing Rupert Khan. Although he's able to escape, it's unclear what (if anything) he learned from his time as a captive by another faction looking for the idol the boys' father has no idea they have found.

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