Monday, June 14, 2021

We Are Lady Parts - Play Something

The first episode of Peacock streaming's new series We Are Lady Parts is an unexpected joy. "Play Something" introduces us to Amina (Anjana Vasan), a young woman seeing the last of her single friends become engaged. A talented guitarist, but burdened with stage fright that ends in projectile vomiting, Amina teaches guitar to children while hoping to find a good husband. Elsewhere, the all-female Muslim punk band known as We Are Lady Parts (Sarah Kameela, Juliette Motamed, and Faith Omole along with their manager played by Lucie Shorthouse) begins a search to add a lead guitar player to the group. The two stories converge when Amina chases a cute boy straight into the group's auditions. Although I can see Amina's condition becoming something of a running gag that may get tiring over the series' run, the first episode is more clever than I was expecting the sitcom set-up to be.

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