Monday, June 21, 2021

Legacies - A New Hope

"A New Hope" is the goofiest episode of Legacies yet as the trio of Josie (Kaylee Bryant), Hope (Danielle Rose Russell), and Lizzie (Jenny Boyd), still tripping from the magic elixir they were dosed with, find themselves trapped in Lizzie's childhood fan fiction which turns out to be plagiarized mostly from the original Star Wars. Forced to work their way through the story and confront past anguish, the journey also leads to Hope coming to terms with her destiny (thanks in part to the follow up story she penned as a child after being hurt by Lizzie's version). Oh, there are also ninjas (because ninjas are cool!).

There is obviously quite a bit of love for Star Wars that shines through from the episode from the new title card to the wipe transitions to the Darth Vader-ish villain which Hope will need to defeat. The episode's B-story, dealing with fallout from the Wendigo attack last week, isn't as strong but it does help MG (Quincy Fouse) and Kaleb (Chris Lee) reconnect and offer the return of Emma (Karen David) allowing her some closure with Alaric (Matthew Davis) as the show continues to build up to the season finale.

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