Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Suicide Squad #4

Things go to hell pretty quickly for the Squad in issue #4. After the team returns with Red-X, Waller attempts unsuccessfully to break the new recruit up until he breaks free revealing he actually wanted to be taken captive.

The character originated on television as an alter-ego for the Dick Grayson version of Robin. The comic version we get here feels more like Jason Todd. Be it Todd or someone else completely (we never learn his true identity), the character would obviously be a tremendous catch for the Squad (or an intriguing foil in any number of series).

Red-X runs rings around the Squad, making a few interesting observations (such as the mental state of Talon), but he's far from the team's only problem. Tensions between Peacemaker and Waller hit a fever pitch and Peacemaker starts planning a coup d'├ętat. There's certainly trouble brewing, especially given that Red-X temporarily short-circuits the bombs Waller uses to control her troops. The escape of Rick Flag during the chaos isn't likely to make Waller's life any easier.

[DC, $3.99]

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