Monday, June 21, 2021

We Are Lady Parts - Potential Future Spouse

In the show's second episode, Amina (Anjana Vasan) agrees to help the band try out in exchange for what turns out to be one awkward date with Ahsan (Zaqi Ismail). Momentarily believing she has landed a potential future spouse, Amina is over the moon (until the point he locks her firmly in the friend zone ruining her romantic fantasy). However, out of that pain comes our protagonist's first rehearsal with the band where she finds a new side of herself in helping to compose their next song. "Potential Future Spouse" continues its warm embrace of the characters' awkward human moments as the band members struggle with their relationships, even Saira (Sarah Kameela Impey) gets thrown by her boyfriend's request to become "official." While Amina hides the failed romance from her other friends, her experience helps her make connections with the band members and take a first step to becoming the person she was always meant to be.

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