Thursday, December 22, 2022

Bob's Burgers - The Plight Before Christmas

"The Plight Before Christmas" uses the basic narrative of the show with Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) and Linda (John Roberts) being overwhelmed to give us separate storylines for each of their kids on the same night. While Bob goes with Gene (Eugene Mirman) for his class' musical recital, Linda takes Tina (Dan Mintz) to her holiday play which leaves Louise (Kristen Schaal) the odd kid out when one of her poems is chosen to be read at a yearly contest at the local library. While downplaying the event, Tina suspects that it means more to her sister than she's letting on leading to the parents scrambling to hit all three kids' events on the same night.

In typical Bob's Burgers fashion, there's plenty of zaniness going on including a substitute teacher with no experience stepping in to lead the concert, Linda getting roped in as a stagehand for the play, and Bob's misadventures involving the worst cab driver ever, an unhelpful dog, and a trip to the wrong library, in his attempts to be there for Louise. That said, everything falls in place for the characters in the last minute (in typical holiday tradition) with Tina and Linda hearing Louise's poem and Bob able to get back to the school to see the second (and far less painful) half of Gene's concert.

  • Title: Bob's Burgers - The Plight Before Christmas
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