Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Jack Ryan - Old Haunts

Jack (John Krasinski) relies on the help of a couple of old friends while on the run from the CIA, local police, and Russian Intelligence. There's not yet a plan of action for Jack as the second episode into the season is simply staying one-step ahead of pursuers, something which Tony (Numan Acar) helps him with giving Jack time to later sneak out of the country with Mike (Michael Kelly). Elsewhere we also get Russian politics, the squeeze of the Czech Republic, and a bit of the odd pairing of Greer (Wendell Pierce) and (Betty Gabriel) looking for Jack but, like the Russians, ultimately going home empty-handed. The second episode is also notable for an expected tease suggesting the identity of the source of Jack's intelligence. A solid episode that keeps its tension high before moving Jack on to set up the next stage of the season.

  • Title: Jack Ryan - Old Haunts
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